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Free Islamic Books

Islamic Conveying Message Society
Aslamu alikum wa ramat ALLAH wa barakatu

Dear brothers and sisters:

How are you? And how are the Muslims in your country?We would like to tell you a brief note about Conveying Islamic Message Society (CIMS). Conveying Islamic Message Society (CIMS) is an Islamic society that cares about the situation of Muslims in the world and that tries to help them to know more about Islam by sending free Islamic books(with no costs at all) in many languages, answering questions, Also it tries to tell non-Muslims about Islam and its message, so that they may embrace Islam.

So if you want some free Islamic books, just send an Email on

send us a letter to our address, that is:
Conveying Islamic Message Society (CIMS)
P.O. Box 834 – Alexandria – Egypt

Also you can visit our site that is:

We’ll be very happy if you tell your friends about our society or send addresses of your friends or your relatives who need Islamic books, so that we can send the free Islamic books to them.

Finally, we hope to hear good news from you. Keep in touch. May Allah help you and show you the true way, and reward you the greatest merit.
Waiting for your letter (or email) with our best wishes

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Your brothers in
Conveying Islamic Message Society


3 thoughts on “Free Islamic Books

  1. Please, I really need some free islamic books. I will be so glad if this is intetionally done by you.Thanks.
    Add: 36, Townhall Str,
    Ijora Badia, Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Please, I really need some Islamic books to understand more about Islam and teach people of my state the moral teaching of the holy Quran. My address: 36, Townhall Str, Ijora Badia, Lagos, Nigeria. My phone num is 08082882165. Please if you know that you can not send me these, notify me. I have asked you to send me these before but, i did not see anything. Please and please send me these. The ones i asked for before were not sent to me.Thanks.Ayub Akeem Olalekan

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